Together with Ukraine

We are a socially responsible TET tea brand. The tea brand created for the people strong in character, spirit and will. 

Before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia our social responsibility was directed at preserving the environment, introducing contemporary quality and manufacturing standards. We actively minimized the use of plastic and did our best to work with the ecologically clean materials. 

Now the situation in Ukraine made us reconsider our priorities and direct every possible resource towards aid for children impacted by the war.  

Little Ukrainians were deprived of homes, of safe leisure time or opportunities for education. Children lost both their childhood and their parents. Many orphaned children are unable to take care of themselves. They need quality nutrition and medical examinations. 

The Ukrainian children hear explosions instead of laughter at playgrounds, they watch flashes from artillery shelling instead of bright sunshine, and sleep in bomb shelters instead of warm beds. The unprovoked war staarted by the neighboring Russia deprived millions of Ukrainians of peaceful lives.  

TET brand will not stay aside, we are starting a partnership with the UN International charity fund (UNICEF) to support Ukrainian children! 

From now on, we will be transfering 10 groszy of the selling price of each pack of TET tea sold, to UNICEF Polska, which meets the humanitarian needs of children, ensures access to education, psychological and social support, access to water and sanitation.

Children are our future. Their lives are in our hands. 
Join us! Together we are strong! 

Glory to Ukraine!