About Us

Our values

The TET team is not only professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the tea market, but also people who are sincerely passionate about their work.

We do everything to ensure that such a traditional product as classic English tea brings people joy and creates a good mood.

What we are proud of

Unique blends

While creating blends a team of TET tea tasters selects the teas from the tea gardens o Sri Lanka, India, Kenya and China. Our thorough approach to work guarantees consistency and balanced flavour in every cup.


While blending we use natural components to achieve authentic flavour. We adhere to the traditional blending method.

Standards and quality control

In manufacturing we pay special attention to the standards and quality control. TET products are being prepackaged at the BRCGS, FSSC, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP certified facilities.

Social responsibility

We participate in charitable events worldwide, as we wish to be helpful and help those who truly need it.

Care about the environment

We are concerned about environmental pollution. Therefore, we set ourselves a goal to switch to plastic-free packaging materials by 2025.