Run London Marathon on a prosthetic

Run London Marathon on a prosthetic

On April 23, TCS London Marathon 2023, one of the most prestigious and massive races in the world, took place in London.

Roman Kashpur is an ambassador of the Citizen Сharitу Foundation, an active military man with a prosthesis and a volunteer who ran 42 km of the London Marathon in order to draw maximum attention to the issues of helping the wounded who lost limbs during the war.

Roman’s participation in the marathon was aimed at helping the Ukrainian military and raising funds for: cutting-edge prosthetics, rehabilitation and social support for fellow citizens, as well as for the purchase of 35 wheelchairs, including those with joystick controls. Roman cooperates with the British-Ukrainian Aid and the Ukrainian Citizen Сharitу Foundation whose team monitored his movement along the route.

The TET team, inspired by Roman’s indomitable spirit, helped organize his participation in the marathon and financed the hero’s journey from Ukraine to London.

The photo reporting on the social networks of the Citizen Сharitу Foundation –

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  • Run London Marathon on a prosthetic