What is black tea extract?

What is black tea extract?

How about making a cup of tasty flavourful blend in a minute? 

As a response to modern trends, TET tea tasters created unique Latte collections on the basis of black tea extract and gree tea, available for brewing in convenient sticks. 

Tea Latte is a traditional combination of black tea with milk. The drink is made on the basis of natural ingredients, offering a healthy alternative to coffee, hot chocolate or cocoa. 

Matcha Latte is green tea ground into powder, in a combination with milk. The drink has a unique authentic flavour and bright green colour; it is rich in antioxidants and is beneficial for health.

The story of tea extract

The technology of tea extract manufacturing was discovered in China back in the 10th-12th centuries, yet, they learnt to extract 100% beneficial susbstances only in the 20th century. 

The traditional way of obtaining the extract discovered in China was as follows: 

  • The juice was squeezed out of the fresh tea leaves using special pressing machines. 
  • Such juice was dried in the open air forming small-sized crystals. 
  • To make tea, one needed to dilute several grams of such crystals in hot water. 

In present times, owing to its benefits, the tea extract has become widely used. It is used in cooking, cosmetology, and, naturally, in tea industry.

Tea industry 

The modern manufacturing technology of the tea extract differs by the types of the initial raw materials used. 

The obtained solution is evaporated until necessary strength is attained, or to the dry powder state. 

  1. First method

The extracts are sourced directly from the tea leaves, or from their concentrated brew. 

  1. Second method

To produce the tea extract, dry loose tea is used as a raw material.


  • Various refreshing iced drinks. 
  • In cooking bakery products and desserts with tea flavour. 

Cosmetology procedures 

  • Tea extract in ice cubes are rubbed over the face skin and hands’ skin. 
  • Black tea extract ensures active nutrition of dry and sensitive skin, it tones it and restores healthy rosiness. 
  • A dry mixture is rubbed into the hair to fortify the roots, to give shine to the tresses and improve elasticity. 

Tea extract in the TET blends 

Are extracts considered to be ecologically clean products? Yes, they are! The tea leaves from which the extract for our blends is made, is cropped in Kenya 2000 meters above sea level. 

We adhere to the principles and high manufacturing standards of our company, this is why we use only trusted natural ingredients.

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